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So, how does this work? You don't exactly do this every day.

The Process

Before your fitting

  • You can email with any questions you may have ​about your dress; potential cost, ability to make ​custom changes, which undergarments you ​should be buying...

  • Your first fitting happens 6-8 weeks before your ​wedding. You need to book this appointment as ​far in advance as you can, as spots fill up quickly.

  • FOOTWEAR. In preparation for your first fitting ​you will need to decide on which shoes you will be ​wearing.



**If you are going to wear heels for the ceremony ​and flats or sneakers for the reception, you need ​to decide which height you would like the dress to ​be altered for. (If you alter it to the heels, it will be ​a touch long when wearing your flats, and if ​altered for the flats, it will be a little shorter when ​you are wearing your heels).


  • UNDERGARMENTS. You will need to decide on ​which undergarments you will be wearing with ​your dress. There are so many options and ​everyone is completely unique in what they are ​comfortable wearing. Some brides want to go ​braless and just a seamless thong, where others ​want to wear more shaping pieces like Spanx. The ​style of your dress also has a major impact on what ​can be worn underneath. Feel free to email photos ​of you in your dress to get a recommendation. ​Sometimes you may need to try a couple different ​ones to get the result you're looking for.



**If you have a dress with a low back, or one that is ​very thin and without boning, you will need to get ​bust support from somewhere other than the ​dress. There are many options depending on level ​of support needed, size of bust, and structure of ​your dress.

During your fitting

  • You arrive at my cozy studio in Lawrencetown.

  • I pin your dress, which is quick and painless, I ​promise. I am usually done within half an hour, ​but I allow for an hour just in case

  • We arrange your second fitting, which is ​usually 2-3 weeks later. Most brides only need ​2 - 3 fittings.

  • I require a 50% deposit at your first fitting ​before I begin work on your dress, and then ​the balance is due at your final fitting, once ​the alterations are complete, and you are ​happy with your dress. I accept email transfer, ​cash, and credit to make it easy.

***When coming to my studio in Lawrencetown, I ​hiiiighly recommend checking out the ​Lawrencetown Beach Cafe, they have the most ​delicious coffee and treats, with an unbeatable ​ocean view. The other shops in the same building, ​the Macdonald house are also A+ and a must visit ​for locally made art and thrifted treasures (is ​there anything better?) And of course Conrads ​beach and Lawrencetown beach are right there. ​You are only minutes away!

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